Monday, 28 May 2007

Advance Copy of Klint-King's Gold

Exciting day the other day when I opened the post to find my first advance copy of the third Thomas Trew title, Thomas Trew and the Klint-King's Gold! This one takes Thomas from the bustling Magicians' and Enchanters' Convention in Owlchurch and Aspire to the rocky kingdom of the Klints, a Montaynard people famed for their wealth. They've donated some wonderful golden prizes for whoever wins the Tricks Tournament at the Convention--but there are many greedy eyes on that gold, and Thomas and the twins are soon whisked into an intriguing and dangerous adventure!
Thomas and the Klint-King's Gold will be out in Britain on June 21, and in Australia in August. It's dedicated to the Trew family of Ramsgate--Thomas, Alice, Linda and Dave--whom I talked about in an earlier entry. Watch out for its appearance at a bookshop near you!

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Ive Just Finish reading The horns of pan & i LOVE it. i cant wait until the third book comes out!!!