Thursday, 3 May 2007

13: The Hidden People, Part C: The Montaynards

The Montaynards are the people who live in the rocks and mountains of the Hidden World. There are Montaynards living in all kinds of places, but in the third book in the series, Thomas Trew and the Klint-King's Gold, Thomas and his friends meet two sorts of Montaynards: the very rich dwarves known as the Klints, and their servants and bodyguards, the ginormous trolls! The Klints and their trolls live in the Klint Kingdom, which is far across the sea. It is a strange, rocky sort of place, and rather barren, but as Klints live actually within the rock formations and hills, they don't care about that.

Montaynards generally are pretty wealthy, as they trade in gold and all kinds of precious stones which they dig up from within the rocks and mountains where they live. Montaynard dwarves are great talkers, and love to make speeches. They also love fine clothes, banquets and parties and flowing hair(or beards, in the case of the men.) Their names reflect this--the men have names like Brock Blackbeard, the women names like Gilda Goldenhair. They are often brave, short-tempered and good people to have on your side! The trolls meanwhile are rather slow and stupid, though some of them can be rather cunning. They are huge and powerful and generally loyal to their dwarf overlords. They have long protected Montaynard realms from attack. But they can be dangerous, too...

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