Saturday, 29 November 2008

Thomas Trew in book parades!

We had Pinch and Patch appearing in a parade for World Book Day in the UK(see earlier post)--and across the world, in Australia, here's Thomas Trew making his debut in a school book parade for Children's Book Week, complete with stripy jumper!

Thank you to Oliver, and his mum, for letting me put up this lovely photo on the blog. And to Ben Venue school too for inviting me to come in and talk about the Thomas Trew books this week--great to meet so many dedicated readers of the series!

Monday, 3 November 2008

Madman of Venice trailer

On my You Tube channel, I've just put up a trailer for my forthcoming novel for older readers, The Madman of Venice, which comes out in the UK and Australia in April 2009, published by Hodder Children's Books. In news just to hand, it will also be published in the USA, by Random House!

Go and have a look at

You can also read a bit about it at my Googlepages site, , click on 'Shakespearean series vol 4.'