Sunday, 30 March 2008

Bits and pieces

Yesterday I did a signing of the last three Thomas Trew books, which have just come out in Australia, in one of our local bookshops. I spoke to a few readers who came by to say hello and buy books. It's always good to do that. Look out for the books now too in your own local bookshops!

And out soon too will be the book Demigods and Monsters, which is a collection of pieces by various authors for young people--including yours truly--about Rick Riordan's marvellous Percy Jackson series, which is based on Greek myth, updated to modern times. Like Through the Wardrobe, it's published by Ben Bella Books and is a Borders exclusive. It features lots of interesting pieces about all sorts of aspects of the series--and guess what, it's edited by Rick Riordan himself!

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