Wednesday, 14 March 2007

7: The new book's here!

Today I'm holding in my hot little hands the first advance copy of Thomas Trew and the Horns of Pan, the second in the Thomas Trew series! It looks gorgeous! (That's the cover, on the column at the right of the blog). Its official release date is April the 19th in the UK, and June in Australia. Make sure you watch out for it!


The Trews said...

It must be so exciting to see your book in print! We can't wait to get our hands on a copy and find out what adventures Thomas gets into. We are going to quickly re read the first book to refresh our minds and prepare for the next great adventure. I can see all my friends getting copies of Thomas Trew instead of Easter Eggs this year!

E15 kids said...

We now, happily, have out copy and are looking forward to reading it. Miserable weather here and so perfect for snuggling up with a good book.

Sophie Masson said...

hello, and thanks for your comments! Hope you enjoy the book! do email me or post a comment about it when you've read it, would love to know what you think!